A partner in corporate travel management

Combine your existing services with Innfinite corporate travel management software. Innfinite offers you unparalleled functionality, direct access to developers and the ability to manage charter travel on behalf of your clients.

Developer Access

More input. Less lag time.

Functional Enhancements

We believe in a partnership that goes both ways. If you have a functional enhancement that you think would improve our software, we put you in touch with our developers to make it happen.

Client Customizations

The flexible backend that powers Innfinite provides travel management companies with an online booking tool that can be easily customized to meet the needs of their clients. We strive to offer our TMC partners technology that sets their corporate travel programs apart from the competition.

Charter travel and non-GDS accommodations

Add value to your existing corporate travel management services by managing your clients’ commercial and charter travel.

Corporate Jets

Innfinite allows you or your clients to reserve seats on corporate jets that they own or lease. With the Private Flight Scheduling module, you can keep track of scheduled flights, empty legs and empty seats. Help your clients fill those empty legs and seats so they get the most out of their charter air travel. Discover cost savings for your clients that lease private jets by helping them to downsize aircraft when appropriate or rerouting to airfields with lower landing and handling fees.

Consolidated Traveler Itinerary

Provide each traveler with a consolidated itinerary so they know where they’re headed every step of their trip. Include special notes about boarding charter flights or buses, where to check in at non-GDS properties etc.

Maximize Room Occupancy

Keep track of rooms at non-GDS hotels or at privately owned and operated properties like workforce housing lodges or mining camps. Create and track room inventories at a variety of property types.

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