Camps & Lodges

Manage your remote workforce housing with a comprehensive software solution for your front and back office.


All the tools you need for room allocation.

Tape Chart

Drag-Drop Room Blocking

Color-Coded Filters

Room Shares


Rotation scheduling made easy.

Multiple Rotations

Create a series of room reservations for incoming guests. Specify an end date or the number of rotations required for your guests.

Flexible Rotation Scheduling

Move active or in-house guests to different rotations as needed.

Everything your housekeeping staff needs.

Room Status

Check on the status of your rooms to ensure they are ready for incoming guests. Rooms can be designated as: Vacant & Clean, Occupied & Clean, Inspection Required, Dirty, Clean, Maintenance Required, etc.

Housekeeper Assignments

Innfinity gives the head of your housekeeping staff the ability to easily assign and re-assign rooms to each housekeeper as often as needed, ensuring that your staff always know which rooms require turnover.

“Our goal with our guest service model at Civeo is to enhance our lodging services to benefit our guests for the home away from home feeling, which starts from their initial contact with us through to well after they have checked out. Innfinity’s technology allows us to provide that experience.”


Meagan Martin
Property Management Systems & Reservations
Civeo North America

Live Status Updates

Give your housekeepers the ability to update the status of your rooms in the Innfinity system via phone or tablet.

Linen Change Report

Provide your housekeepers with a comprehensive report indicating how often each room requires cleaning and/or a change of sheets. The Linen Change Report accommodates the differing needs of hoteling guests, timeout guests that are allowed to keep their rooms as well as cross-shift hot bedding guests.

Point System

Create separate cleaning schedules for rooms based upon room type, paying client, property, type of guest, etc.

Streamline your processes. Get paid faster.

hand on adding machine

Accounting & Billing

Service Day Tracking

Track no-shows, go-shows, early or late arrivals, meals, etc., to ensure you bill your clients accurately the first time. Billing correctly the first time means you get paid faster.

Invoicing Export

Innfinity automatically exports approved charge sheets and invoices to your accounting system. Something about different accounting systems?

Charge Sheets

Innfinity automatically formats reservations into charge sheets for you, each with a unique version number. Paying clients can review charge sheets and request a new version of a charge sheet in the case that revisions are required. Paying clients can provide an e-signature once they have approved the charge sheet.

Audit Trail

By keeping track of every entry into the database, Innfinity gives you a comprehensive list indicating how and when charges are incurred. The system also tracks when charges are modified or removed or divisions or cost codes are changed, as well as the staff member responsible for these changes.

Tailored Billing

Innfinity can accommodate how your company or country does business (accounts for tax tracking mechanisms, AFE numbers, invoice numbers, take-or-pay billing, etc.)

Allotments & Suballotments

Allotment Booking

Paying clients that agree to a contracted allotment of rooms can check availability within their entire allotment. They also have the ability to make, change or cancel their own room reservations via an Innfinity web app.

Allotment Reporting

Paying clients can oversee sub-allotments assigned to their sub-contractors. Paying clients can also run a number of detailed occupancy analysis reports to assess room utilization of their sub-contractors and make adjustments to sub-allotments accordingly.

Sub-Allotment Booking

Paying clients with a contracted allotment can sub-allot rooms to their sub-contractors via an Innfinity web app. Sub-contractors thus become responsible for making, changing or canceling room reservations on behalf of their employees within their assigned sub-allotment.

Safety and security are always a top priority.


Site Safety

Drive in, drive out.

Innfinity provides your security personnel with a list of guests authorized to enter your property. Your guard shack staff can access this list with a tablet or print a daily roster.

Track everyone on site.

Innfinity enables you to track everyone who enters or leaves your site, giving you maximum oversight in the case of a security threat or evacuation.


System Security

Role-Based Login

Innfinity gives you the ability to set up system access privileges specific to each job position, department or individual user. You can restrict user access by limiting the fields and reports viewable to each user. Set up distinct views of the system for your upper level management, central site staff, front desk staff, housekeeping, maintenance, etc.

Work crew scheduling made easy.

Flexible Crew Rosters

Book each guest on one roster, or multiple. Flexible design allows guests to be booked on multiple rosters.

Multiple Crew Rotations

Book rooms for multiple crew movements all at once. Schedule rotations as far out as needed.

Managing Crew Reservations

Modify or cancel reservations for an entire crew with just one click.

Modifying Individual Reservations

Modify or cancel an individual guest reservation originally booked as part of a group. Accommodate Leaves of Absence (LOA) and extended vacations for specific employees without modifying the other crew reservations in a group.

Crew Schedule Overview

Manage your crew with the Innfinity Master Schedule to know who is checking in, in-house, checking out and scheduled for timeout. The Master Schedule also lets you know which crew members scheduled for an upcoming rotation do not currently have a room reservation.

Manage your camps more efficiently.