Property Management

Manage your hotels with a comprehensive software solution for your front and back office.

Front Desk

Manage check-ins Easy-to-use Check-Out Wizard Bucket Checks Extend reservations Close out folios Post payments to secured tokenized credit cards Match rate codes Pre-check arrivals Allocate room assignments with the Availability Tape Chart


• Charge Routing
(room and tax goes to post, goes to other)

• Guest Flags
Flags pop up so the front desk is made aware of unpaid balances, pending charges, etc.

• Guest Messages
Innfinity alerts your staff about guest birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, allergens, etc.

• Change Detail
Track the user responsible for every change made to a guest folio

• Guest folio, complete audit trail

Accounting Package

Accounting system interface

Manage accounts receivable

Direct billing

Travel agent commission checks

Charge routing

Innfinity invoice export

One-Screen Design

Job Function Optimized

The Innfinity Start Screen is designed to ensure completing daily tasks, creating reservations, and accounting is simple.

Intuitive Slide Outs

Innfinity opts for slide outs over a menu-driven design, enabling you to easily access everything you need from the Start Screen. This design also gives you the ability to simplify training and bring new employees up to speed quickly.

Dynamic Reports

Essential Reports

Use the Occupancy Analysis Report to check total arrivals by day, departures, stayovers, ADR and revPAR. Check your Arrivals Report, Departures Report, etc.

300+ Reports

Innfinity offers a suite of over 300 reports for all your reporting needs. Drill down, hotlink or dynamically regroup any of these reports, ensuring you always find the information you’re looking for.


Hotlink from any report summary detail directly to where the data is logged.  Quickly locate and modify incorrect data and stay on top of errors made by your front desk.

User-Definable Marketing Codes

Innfinity enables you to create your own marketing codes (tracking codes). Designate specific marketing codes for: source of business, channel, guest type, front desk staff member responsible for reservation, corporate sales person, external agents, group, etc.

Drill-Down Summary Detail

Innfinity reporting allows you to drill down to the details of any report to review your data quickly and efficiently.

Historical & Future Reports

Innfinity allows you to run reports for the future, the past or for a date range that encompasses both historical data and future projections. .


Room Status

Check on the status of your rooms to ensure they are ready for incoming guests. Rooms can be designated as: Vacant & Clean, Occupied & Clean, Inspection Required, Dirty, Clean, Maintenance Required, etc.

Housekeeper Assignments

Innfinity gives the head of your housekeeping staff the ability to easily assign and re-assign rooms to each housekeeper as often as needed, ensuring that your staff always know which rooms require turnover.

“The ‘Ilima Hotel has been working with INNFINITY since 2004. INNFINITY is a good, solid system which meets the requirements of smaller properties such as ours without being prohibitively expensive. The software responds to the majority of our needs and is upgraded from time to time with new features and enhanced reliability. It incorporates the usual interfaces including movies and telephone. Support has been good with most issues handled in less than a day. We can recommend INNFINITY for hotels and resorts seeking an established, reliable partner with performing software.”

Phil Sammer
General Manager
Ilima Hotel

Live Status Updates

Give your housekeepers the ability to update the status of your rooms in the Innfinity system via phone or tablet.

Maintenance Holds

Innfinity enables housekeepers or front desk staff to mark rooms as unavailable in the Availability Tape Chart due to maintenance holds.

Suite of Reports

Give your housekeeping access to a number of reports to facilitate daily cleanings, linen changes, maintenance order holds, etc.

BAR Rate Management

BAR Rate System

Create as many bars as you need. Set your BAR rates daily, monthly or by season.

Booking Pace

The Innfinity Booking Pace Report lets you know if the there has been an increase in bookings in the last few days. Adjust your BAR rates once you notice a spike in booking to maximize revenue.

Yield Management

Innfinity enables users to manage yield management if they so desire. Innfinity works with clients to consider several approaches to the property’s yield management program.


Charge Posting

Route charges to the appropriate guest folio or company quickly, with just the click of a button.

Group Menu Selections

Manage meal types (breakfast, lunch, dinner, wedding spread etc.).

Banquet Event Order

Track relevant details about upcoming events so your on-site staff is ready for setup (E.g. instructions for the chef, staff setting up the space, management, etc.)

Event Order Contract

Record agreements between you and your event hosts to ensure details are sorted out and agreed upon before the day of the event.

Function Board

Block an event space for an hour, day, etc. Manage the location of events on your property with the Function Board tape chart.

Check out the Innfinity property management system.