Logistics & Travel

Offer a comprehensive Fly In/Fly Out program for your clients.

Multiple modes of transport.
One booking engine.

Book Commercial Flights

With a direct interface to the Sabre global distribution system (GDS), Innfinity allows you to locate and book the commercial flights your paying clients’ employees and subcontractors need. Innfinity also interfaces to the Air Canada Direct Connect (AC2U), giving you access to Air Canada tango fares and flights passes.

Book Charter Travel

Create an inventory of charter planes and buses that you manage on behalf of your clients. Pair commercial travel reservations with internally managed charter transportation to coverall of your clients’ logistics needs.


Authorized Developer


“Innfinity is a valued partner that provides innovative solutions for corporations that need consolidated logistics management, serving industries such as; oil and gas, mining and remote workforce lodges and camps, and more. The Innfinity team understands the challenges of tracking and accommodating large volumes of travelers with unique requirements.”


Sherri Schwebach, Director,
Americas Technology Partners,
Sabre Travel Network


Consolidated Itinerary

Give your employees and subcontractors a complete itinerary that lists commercial flight reservations, scheduled charter air and bus transportation and room reservation information. The consolidated itinerary also features camp rules and regulations.

Itinerary Changes on the Go: In the case an employee’s journey must be changed, he or she will receive a notification immediately from the Innfinity system. The employee will receive travel advisory notifications and a new itinerary via email or text message.

Sample Itinerary:

Flexible and fast booking.


Restrictive Booking

Allow your paying clients’ to set up rules that guide/restrict the way your travel coordinators book commercial transportation. Designate fare types for specific employees/levels of management, etc.


Book Multiple Rotations

Schedule multiple rotations on behalf of your clients on your charter buses or aircraft that they charter.

Manage your camp logistics more efficiently.