Secure your seat every time

Auto-assign seats so your business travelers never get bumped.

The Challenge

Working closely with a travel management company, we realized that business travelers were occasionally getting bumped off of flights on which they were supposedly guaranteed a seat. We found that in most airline systems, travelers without an assigned seat—most often those booked on the lowest fare class—get bumped in favor of standby travelers with priority or status. Unlike consumer booking tools like Expedia or Kayak, which require leisure travelers guaranteed a seat to select their seat at time of purchase, many online booking tools don’t require business travelers to select their guaranteed seat at time of purchase. This leaves those travelers that have paid for a guaranteed seat at risk of getting bumped.

The Solution

For the Innfinite online booking tool, we developed an auto-assign seat selector for those travelers that purchase fares that guarantee them a seat. Corporate travel managers or individual travelers have the choice to allow the tool to auto-select window or aisle seats, in the case they don’t wish to select the seat each time. The traveler seat preferences are stored within each employee’s traveler profile. The auto-assign seat selector will only choose seats that don’t cost extra, so you don’t have to worry about getting upcharged without authorizing it first.

Take a seat

Seating is a big deal. The Innfinite online booking tool takes seating seriously, just like your travelers.

Auto-Assigned Seats

Innfinite automatically assigns a seat to your traveler for applicable fare classes so you don’t have to, helping to ensure your traveler is never bumped off their flight.

Accurate Seating Charts

Rest assured that the seating chart you see when you book matches the appropriate aircraft.

Check Seats Early

Preview available seats while you search for flights so you know what seats are available before you book.

Business Travelers

We’ve created an online booking tool that offers companies greater value and their business travelers improved flexibility and ease of use.

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Travel Management Companies

We license our technology to travel management companies to empower them to offer truly innovative business travel solutions.

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