Make the most out of your GST-exempt status

Save on more than just applicable airfare taxes with the Innfinite online booking tool.

The Challenge

For many government agencies that book with Air Canada, taking full advantage of GST-exempt travel pricing isn’t always possible. While other major booking tools display GST-exempt pricing on Air Canada airfares pulled from the GDS, many OBT’s have no way to offer users GST-free pricing on retail fares pulled from the Air Canada AC2U and ancillary fees applied to their bookings.

The Solution

We designed the Innfinite online booking tool to empower companies to get the most out of their GST-exempt status. By taking advantage of all features of the newest Air Canada web services, Innfinite users are able to price and buy any AC2U content with the proper tax-exempt status for their organization. This means GST-exempt companies can avoid paying taxes on airfares booked through the AC2U and on fees like preferred seat upgrades, baggage fees, on-board food and beverage vouchers, on-board wifi, pre-paid lounge access and change fees, to name a few.



No GST on change fees

Save big on change fees with an online booking tool that ensures you won’t pay GST when your travelers need to modify their itineraries on Air Canada.


GST-exempt pricing on all airfares

Take advantage of GST-exempt pricing on fees added to airfares pulled from the GDS and airfares pulled from the AC2U.


GST-exempt fees when you use a Flight Pass

Innfinite ensures you won’t pay ancillary fee taxes on flights booked with Air Canada Flight Passes through the AC2U.


GST status by province or nationally

Innfinite takes note of your GST tax-exempt status, showing you GST-free pricing only on content within the region where your GST-exempt status applies.

Travel Management Companies

We license our technology to travel management companies to empower them to offer truly innovative business travel solutions.

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Corporate Jets, Taxes & Reporting

Discover how to simplify end-of-year tax filings for your corporate jet with the Innfinite online booking tool. Track, manage and report on the information you need.

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Save on AC2U Content

You’re just one step away from gaining the most from your GST-exempt status.

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