Mobile Check-In Transforms Lodger Experience

INNTUITIVE enables lodgers to check-in on-the-go, eliminating the need for returning lodgers to check-in at the front desk which reduces wait times.

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INNTUITIVE's check-in and auto-checkout drastically reduces lines at the front desk when the buses arrive with your guests. Increases guest satisfaction and reduces labor at the front desk.


INNTUITIVE includes:

  • On the day of arrival a check-in message is sent to phone and e-mail.
  • Guest checks in with phone or e-mail link and can proceed directly to room upon arrival.
  • Automatic key activation for the artic corridor, wing, floor and room access.
  • Check-in Terms and Conditions (alcohol policy) must be checked before a guest will be allowed to check-in.
  • Dramatically reduces check-in times.
A first in hospitality, INNFINITY is proud to work with Sabre Travel Network as a 2012 authorized developer

INNFINITY Collaborates with Sabre Travel Network

INNSPIRE users are able to view and book content from the Sabre global distribution system as well as manage internal flight charters and rooms. This is the first time Sabre has ever collaborated with a hospitality company.

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INNSPIRE combines our robust resource/property management system with the reach of SABRE's Global Distributions System. Our clients can now book commercial air, charter air, car rental, and hotel or site reservations all within one transaction.


INNSPIRE Includes:

  • Room booking into your local site inventory.
  • Book directly into the Global Distributions System Commercial flight inventory.
  • Add internally managed charters or segmented Airline Partition Charters in SABRE.
  • Add a bus booking.
  • Add a room booking into your local site inventory.
  • Allows your sub-contractors to book directly limited by allotment.
  • Track by: Cost Code, PO Work Order, Contractor, or Division.
  • Customizable employee/contractor profile.
  • Contractor sub-allotments management.
  • Luggage tags.
  • Consolidated itinerary.
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The Finest Multi-Site / Multi-Resource Management System in the World

The INNTOUCH Multi-Site / Multi-Resource Management System has a powerful booking engine that allows for booking rooms, flights, busses and any resource needed at multiple locations for your Fly In / Fly Out program. It also connects to a 2-way web service with all INNFINITY sites.

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INNTOUCH Includes:

  • Multi-resource availability (rooms, busing, boats, charters)
  • Multi-site room reservations
  • Multi-site dashboards
  • Virtual property reservations
  • Book all properties using our exclusive 1-screen design
  • Cross-property availability
  • Multi-resource availability
  • Reservations sent via a secure 2-way web service
  • Multi-language guest documents
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Security restrictions by user role
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INNSPIRE™ Resource Management Systems: a turn-key all-in-one System

If you're an oil, gas, or mining professional in charge of logistics and scheduling for workers at remote worksites, you face some unique challenges. Chances are, you're using seperate systems to keep track of each phase of the process...


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INNFINITY Attends Canadian Institute Conference

INNFINITY presented at the 2013 Canadian Institute conference pertaining to camp logistics and workforce accommodation. Our CEO Beverly McCabe shared success stories of how to combine the management of FIFO programs (fly in/fly out) with property management system room utilization management; all in ONE system.


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