Canadian summer just got a little sweeter: Hello WestJet


Increased content, increased satisfaction

In the past, I’ve touted the importance of forming strong relationships with the GDS’s and the airlines. Today, I’m excited to announce Innfinity is joining forces with WestJet. This move signals our continued dedication to creating a product that consistently prioritizes the needs of Canadian companies and the road warriors that power their growth.

Our development of the Innfinite online booking tool has always taken special care to address the specific needs and requirements of Canadian managed travel programs. By launching the Innfinite online booking tool a few years back with a robust interface to Sabre—and later writing to the Air Canada AC2U Direct Connect—we have continually worked to offer our Canadian TMC’s and their clients a cutting-edge corporate travel booking product.

Our goal is always to increase content offerings, as this is truly the driving force behind greater compliance for companies and increased satisfaction for travel managers and business travelers alike.  

The next step

In keeping with our commitment to Canada, we have decided the next step is to onboard WestJet as our newest partner. By completing the interface to the WestJet Direct direct connect, we have plans to become the first company working with WestJet to offer Level 3 NDC-certified integration. We will be working closely with FareLogix to complete this integration.

What this means…

For our TMC’s and their clients:

Innfinity’s TMC partners will be able to negotiate directly with WestJet in order to offer private fares to their clients that fly WestJet. Negotiated fares will be made available to book in the Innfinite online booking tool. Overall, our TMC partners will have greater latitude to negotiate specialized content for their WestJet clients.

For WestJet:

WestJet will now be able to offer their loyal clients more competitive deals on fares through the Innfinite online booking tool. As such, the integration will provide WestJet with the flexibility to bundle fares and ancillaries on a client-by-client basis.  

Content drives development

Our goal is to give our TMC partners and their clients the greatest access available to the wide array of WestJet fare classes, ancillaries and bundling.  

I’ll be talking more about WestJet in the months to come as our developers work to complete this integration. We feel very privileged to be able to join forces with yet another company so integral to business travel operations in Canada.

And with that, I’d like to wish my Canadian friends a belated Happy Independence Day! Until next week.


About the author: 

CEO of Innfinity, Beverly McCabe is a 25-year veteran of the lodging and travel industry.

Ryan McCabe