Sabre automated exchanges are available to your corporate clients... Finally.


Sabre automated exchanges are now available via a corporate online booking tool for the first time in Canada.

Account managers at Canadian TMC’s across the land have long complained that they’ve been unable to allow their clients to complete flight exchanges in Sabre. The problem is that legacy corporate booking tools often struggle to develop new functionality, even despite their best intentions, because their mainframe was dreamed up in the 80’s. As such, their development timelines reflect the reality of creating new functionality built on decades’ old code.

We develop fast. With both the US & Canada in mind.

We at Innfinity, however, are a bit more agile with our development. We also think our friends up north are well worth the extra effort to make sure we can offer parallel functionality to Innfinite online booking tool users in the US and Canada.

So without further ado: I’m here to announce that we now support exchanges for flights purchased in Sabre, ticketed worldwide.For our American travel buyers, this means flights ticketed through ARC in the US. For our Canadian travel buyers, this means flights ticketed through BSP Canada. 

The benefits of Sabre automated exchanges according to Sabre:

  • Search and re-price automatically for up to 80% of ticket exchanges.
  • Increase ticketing productivity up to 20% and save up to 20 minutes per exchange.
  • Remove duplicate workflows by checking the best exchange and new ticket pricing at the same time.
  • Avoid human error and reduce debit memos as Automated Exchanges are included in the Sabre Fare Guarantee Policy.
  • Improve customer service and increase time for more sales by removing the complexity in the exchange process.

So what’s in this for our Canadian TMC partners:

  • A unique value proposition: We are currently the only provider of a corporate online booking tool with the ability to do exchanges on Sabre flights in Canada. And that's definitely a selling point for many corporate prospects in the Canadian market.
  • Higher level of service: For our partner TMC’s, this rollout means they can offer their clients an even more robust tool that gives users greater autonomy.

And for their TMC clients:

  • Ease of completing exchanges: TMC clients can now complete their flight exchanges in a matter of minutes in the Innfinite online booking tool. (No agent assistance required!) All applicable fare classes for an exchange will show in the tool automatically. Innfinite can also be configured to show fare classes available for a change fee, if the client so desires.
  • Mobile-friendly exchanges: Clients can exchanges their Sabre air bookings from their tablet or smart phone, anytime, anywhere.

About the author:

CEO of Innfinity, Beverly McCabe is a 25-year veteran of the lodging and travel industry.

Ryan McCabe